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The Bishop of London never got the sack

February 12, 2009 1 comment

westminsterabbey1Nearly three million Americans lost their jobs during the past year. Rocky scratched his head when he read that they are the lucky ones.

The Times of London quotes the Right Reverend Richard Chartres (no relation to the Wrong Reverend Jeremiah Wright) as saying “it’s difficult to know whether to sympathise more with those who had lost their jobs, or those who were left carrying even greater loads with higher targets and fewer colleagues.” Chartres is the Bishop of London in the Church of England.

Having dated an English girl for several years, Rocky knows aplenty of the British stiff upper lip (literally). But an unlucky chap has nary a choice between “getting the sack,” and keeping his job.

In recognition of his foolish statement, Rocky hereby nominates the Bishop to the Royal Order of the Boot.

Interestingly, the Chuch of England website has a Prayer for the Current Financial Situation. Press reports state that their website hits increased 25% since the prayer was first published.