About Rockyhumbert.com

One Honest Man are the ruminations of Rocky Humbert, the legendary speculator and curmudgeon.

Rocky is the nom de plume awarded by a former US Treasury Secretary to our protagonist, back when he was a rocket scientist for a large (and still surviving) Wall Street Investment Bank. He has been a professional gambler (um, investor) for more than thirty years.

Rocky is was a regular contributor to Victor Niederhoffer’s Blog, Dailyspeculations.com, and decided to start his own blog. As a capitalist, Rocky realized that if enough people click through, he can sell Google Ads, and make his second third fortune.

Rocky hails from a rusty old mill town — a town still best known for its brewery that scorns artificial carbonation. As a sixth grader, Rocky’s art teacher sent him to the principal’s office for talking during class (“pass the crayons, please.”) This experience left Rocky permanently distrustful of Government and Authority Figures.

Although Rocky is an active participant in all of the financial markets, readers are cautioned that his ruminations are not investment advice — just food for thought. Readers should click on Disclaimer for a more precise explanation.

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