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Reduce the deficit: sell the White House

January 12, 2011

Zillow.Com is a nice website that “values” properties across the country. But sometimes Zillow gets a little too cheeky.

Their “zestimate”  for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is $251,617,000. For only a monthly mortgage of $1,036,276, you can enjoy 16 bedrooms and 35 baths in this 55,000 sq. foot mansion. (Built 1752).  See: http://www.zillow.com/homes/1600-pennsylvania-avenue-washington_rb/

Zillow says the White House market value declined  25 % since the peak of the housing boom. Hence Rocky believes  it’s a great time for value-oriented condo-developers to swoop in. (“Great views, working fireplaces, bullet-proof windows, great yard for the kids and dogs….)

[Disclosure: Rocky continues to shop for a nice vacation home, but he hates DC’s muggy summer weather.]

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