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Garbage In => Garbage Out

December 7, 2010

Back  when Rocky studied Rocket Science, a popular saying was “Garbage In = Garbage Out.” This meant that if you put silly data into a computer, the lights would flash, the drives would spin, the bells would ring, and out of the printer came: garbage.

The GIGO model came to mind when Rocky read the following e-mail from Dow Jones:

Dear Colleague,

The most predictive and profitable models for automated trading aren’t based on what’s
in the headlines. You need to find and leverage the little-noticed trends that really
drive the markets. 

Dow Jones Lexicon can help you uncover hidden opportunities!

Dow Jones Lexicon analyzes massive volumes of real-time news to identify the hidden trends and opportunities others may miss. Its derived-data technology gives automated traders, quantitative analysts, researchers and asset managers unbiased, quantitative news content, which they can use to expand their trading models—or customize entirely new ones.

Make better trading models with Dow Jones Lexicon:
• Analyze code words: Based on certain criteria using advanced technology.
• Identify positive or negative sentiment: Proprietary “Dictionaries.”
• Customize trading models: Use in-house dictionaries, while deploying Dow Jones Lexicon to process news content.
• Add-on to Dow Jones News & Archives: Apply to all of our archival content.

Dow Jones Lexicon


[Disclosure: Basing one’s investment decisions on a real-time feed from  Dow Jones New Service is reminiscent of a blind man who looks in a mirror and shaves using  a straight-edge razor. As for “code words,” Rocky has only one word that really matters: “Plastics.”]

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