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How to maintain an edge (in trading & in brownies)

November 18, 2010

Rocky always looks for an “edge” in his market speculations, but rarely finds one.

In contrast, Rocky always looks for an “edge” in his brownies, and often finds one.  As any brownie aficionado knows, the crispy, chewy edges are the best part of a brownie.  Rocky’s technique is to cut the crispy, delicious edge from around an entire  brownie pan, and leave the gooey middle bulk for lesser mortals.

This habit always drove Rocky’s daughter crazy, as she would bake a gorgeous fresh pan of brownies —  and return to find  all of the crust surgically removed and only mutilated innards  remaining.

Rocky’s daughter gave her dad a birthday present that solved the problem:   The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan.  This cleverly designed pan has a maze shape, so that every brownie has a chewy, crispy edge. Rocky thought the invention to be brilliant and dubbed it “his best birthday present ever.” (Except for the birthday when Trophy Wife rented a full-size excavator for a day, and Rocky and his friends dug some  holes for fun.)

Here’s the amazon.com link to the brownie pan:


[Disclosure: The first batch of brownies was magnificent. Every brownie had two crispy/chewy edges, and some brownies had three edges!]

  1. Jeff Watson
    November 20, 2010 at 10:20 am

    John bought me one of those pans last year and I love it. Nothing better than making a good pan of brownies to cure the munchies.

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