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Man versus Mouse: Round 2

November 7, 2010


Upon waking this morning, Rocky set his clock back, and checked his Trendnet TVIP312 Low-Light WIFI Surveillance Camera. The computer showed a motion detection “event” at 2:00am. (To be precise, it’s unclear whether the event occurred at  2:00am or 1:00am, since the TVIP312 documentation doesn’t disclose the timing algorithm when the clock moves off Daylight Savings Time.)

More important than the precise time of the “event” was the result of the event.  Rocky discovered that the wily mouse, which had previously escaped unscathed with all of the peanut butter bait, (see blog post below) foolishly returned to the empty trap. Hoping to find more food, he carelessly stepped on the trigger.

There is a moral here: don’t lick the plate clean! (Jack Spratt take note. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Sprat )

Round 2 Result: By a unanimous verdict, Rocky wins the round and the fight. (The mouse went down for the count.)

[Disclosure: Rocky found a second deceased mouse cum trap off-camera. He won this battle, but the war continues.]


Rocky's adversary returned to lick the plate clean. Oops


  1. kim
    November 7, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Victor is expert on the skewed risk/reward of mice and men: http://www.victorpest.com/shop

    The struggle between man and mouse is non-trivial. Rodents are stealthy, resourceful, intelligent, and more likely to survive catastrophe than Ben’s helicopter!


  2. fatbear
    November 8, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Rocky – who taught you how to bait a trap? Tsk, tsk….

    Use sticky peanut butter, and apply it to the BOTTOM of the bait holder. That way they can’t pick it off with their paws, but have to lean in under the bait tray and will nearly always trip it.

    Also, I use Victor Quick Set – set 4 Friday, had 3 caught Saturday AM (it’s a weekend house, so have to keep setting all winter….)

    If you want woodchuck hints, caught 8 or ’em in the last 3 years. Hav-a-Heart and released in the park 3 miles away (they don’t home).

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