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A blizzard in July

July 25, 2009



Celebrating the 25th Anniversity of the Dairy Queen Blizzard, Rocky, Trophy Wife and the entire Humbert Clan trekked to parts unknown — and located Dairy Queen Restaurant #1. (It’s unclear why they call themselves “#1,” since the first DQ was actually in Joliet, Illinois. But DQ #1 sounds better than DQ #3904).

The evening was hot and muggy. The line was long. Men, women, children, and dogs (see top picture) waited patiently for their frozen treats.

This would be Rocky’s very first Blizzard without a down parka and snow shovel, and so he researched the history and protocol in advance. He knew that the Blizzard had originally been named “The Concrete Blizzard,” and it required the development of new high-powered mixer technology. (See: http://www.blizzardfanclub.com/behind-the-blizzard/ ) He also knew that Blizzards were traditionally served upside-down, with the counterperson using both hands.

Rocky watched with baited breath as the friendly teenage counterperson mixed the vanilla softserve with Reese’s Pieces and transferred the gelatinous creation to a bright red cup. But his anticipation turned to dismay as the counterperson handed Rocky the cup right-side- up!

“Aren’t you supposed to serve a Blizzard upside-down?” asked Rocky.

“I can do that if you’d like, Sir,” said the lad.

“Yes, please. That’s supposed to be the way it’s done,” said Rocky. “I saw it on TV.”

“Ok, then,” said the lad.

“You kids have no respect for tradition!” said Rocky gruffly.

Rocky paused — and then realized — that “times they are a-changin.” Rocky said to the lad, “”Can you please hold that Blizzard the right-way, and let me get a picture of this for my scrapbook?”

[Disclosure: Rocky owns stock in Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, the corporate parent of Dairy Queen.]

  1. July 26, 2009 at 7:07 am

    Rocky – I have found a new favorite when it comes to ice cream – plain vanilla with fresh raspberries from the garden with walnuts or shaved almonds. Yum!!!

    I have been thinking about your question on when to sell and have no good answer. It’s a really hard question.

  2. masteroftheuniverse
    July 28, 2009 at 9:36 am

    I wish I could afford to own BRK:)


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