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TARP & canned beverage consumption

July 9, 2009

molineLocal charities in Moline, Illinois (population 43,000) want every man, woman and child to quickly drink 93 cans of soda.

After Rep. Barney Frank criticized Northern Trust (a TARP recipient) for sponsoring their annual charity golf tournament, Wells Fargo and US Bancorp slashed their charity contributions to the Moline-based John Deere Classic.

Local charities said that they were relying on this $200,000. To fill the budget gap, they instructed their volunteers to collect empty beverage cans and claim the 5-cent deposit.

Rocky did the math in his head, and that’s 4,000,000 empty cans!

The charity’s can-collecting seems especially odd since Wells Fargo and US Bancorp both said that they will donate the same amount of money directly to local charities.

Rocky’s three theories:
1. The local charities saw local homeless people living high on the hog (collecting empty soda cans,) and they wanted a piece of the action.
2. A weak economy and high unemployment rate correlates with increased beer consumption — and those empty cans are strewn in the streets and parks.
3. It is a publicity stunt on the part of the charities.

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