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Memo to Ford: Burn natural gas not cash

January 29, 2009

ford1Rocky supports the major automobile manufacturers’ initiatives to reduce American dependence on imported oil. This includes research into fuel cells, natural gas, and the combustion of leftover General Tso’s chicken from Rocky’s local Chinese Restaurant.

The following news story from Bloomberg surprised Rocky:
Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) — Ford Motor Co., insisting it can survive without federal loans, said it burned $5.5 billion in cash in the fourth quarter.

Rocky knows of no internal combustion engines that efficiently burn “cash.” This opinion is based on independent research he conducted many years ago:

As a political science experiment, Rocky replaced a Chevy’s gas cap with a rolled-up copy of the editorial page from the New York Times. He then set the newspaper on fire (Chevy “Blazer.“) He believes that the test results can be extrapolated to Ford vehicles and a wad of US currency.

Rocky applauds the news that Ford will not seek Federal loans. He also ponders whether Ford’s R&D Department may actually be wiser than they appear: “Is cash trash?”

[Disclosure: Rocky is currently bullish on gold. But his opinion may change at any time.]

  1. masteroftheuniverse
    January 29, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Jeffrey Watson is bullish on Ford, and bought a very large stake in their common well below $2. As a hedge, I also bought paper. It should be interesting toi see what this stake will be worth in 10 years. The real reason I bought the Ford is because I had been surfing all day with my bonds limit up. Cramer came on and told people not to buy Ford or GM common. When Cramer talks, I listen…..and usually go the other way. I immediately bought F in the afterhours and have made over 50% on my money fading Cramer.

    The key is that we need more Cramers.


  2. January 29, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Rocky observes that US Treasury bonds were limit down today. Not limit up. He hopes that masteroftheuniverse did not get whacked on the head with his surfboard as the upside- down vision might be a symptom of Acute Vestibular Syndrome. More likely, Rocky posits, masteroftheuniverse had a typo in his comment.

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